What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

digital marketingdigital marketing is a process or technique in which we do promotions for brand or service or individual using electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and internet

three main concepts of digital marketing are

product concept= you have to focus on your product make sure your product is useful to your consumers

selling concept= you have to understand customer needs and value them

marketing concept=target the market understand the customer need than make profit through a customer satisfaction

Types of digital marketing

  • (SEO) Search engine optimization = Search engine optimization helps your website pages to gain rank best position on search engines such as google when internet user search for your business it helps them to reach best website
  • Email marketing= Marketing that is done by email is called email marketing. we get consumers for our business through emails are listed into this category. and its obvious with email marketing business will grow.
  • Content marketing= Every business that have traffic and engagement through your online content is known as content marketing for example these content types are come under this category Blogs, Videos, E- books
  • Affiliate marketing= Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing in which many companies will reach to the online website for promotion advertise their product and services are known as affiliated marketing
  • Mobile marketing=  Mobile marketing is a type of marketing in which we have to focused on the targeted consumers via mobile phones we have to gain their attention through simple marketing strategies. give notification on phones, SMS, social media notifications.
  • Social media marketing= social media is very good and fast platform to market your business to increase your brand awareness that helps you to grow your business. we can create content on social media to increase your brand awareness like videos, memes, trending posts, stories, reels etc. and its marketing cost will be very low.

benefits of digital marketing

  • entry resistance is low
  • local reach and global reach
  • major able and real time
  • lower cost
  • effective targeting
  • high return on investment


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