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SEO is a organic method to improve visibility of your website that is Search engine optimization.  the work that SEO does is to process of improve the quality and quantity of web sites from search engines such as google. also it improves website ranking and bring traffic on search engines. and Digital Pragati is the one of the best SEO company in Jaipur to rank your website at the top on search engines

Types of SEO

Local SEO

It allows you to really connect with local customers. Neglecting local search engine optimization not only limits your potential profitability, but it also makes it harder to generate genuine leads. The main goal of local search engine optimization is to improve visibility on Google maps

On Page SEO

On-page web optimization is a common way to ease a site’s ranking in web search tools. This includes improving HTML features such as title labels, meta illustrations, substance, inside links, etc. to make it easier for web crawlers to crawl your site

Off Page SEO

Behind-the-scenes web optimization refers to techniques used in understanding and positioning web search tools beyond your site. While on-page search engine optimization relies on improving your site’s features and structure, on-page search engine optimization is tied to the establishment of significant capabilities by third parties who referrals, web-based entertainment, and channels .

Technical SEO

Website design enhancements basically provide enhancements associated with the internal design of a website. The goal is to make pages faster, more accurate, discoverable and indexable — which is key to the rest of the website optimization process Specialized search engine optimization is a subset of on-page website optimization, which includes improvements in your capabilities that are well-defined for the pages of your site

some of main search engine optimization tools are


  • Keyword
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Social media

Use of Keywords in SEO

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what type of content ia about on search engines in terms of SEO keywords also called search queries search engine optimization keywords are the keywords that possibly help peoples to find your website via search engines like google. keywords are the main elements . Digital Pragati SEO Agency in Jaipur  Focuses on the right keywords and make sure you will rank on the top on search engines

search engine optimization Content

search engine optimization content is online content that will be written to rank your website in search engines such as google. if any digital marketer wants to gain more traffic they have make sure that there content is good and engage the peoples on search engine and Digital Pragati SEO Company in Jaipur helps you to writing quality text for websites

search engine optimization Backlinks

In search engine optimization backlink is a link that one website gets from another website to drive brand recognition and its referral traffic. backlinks shows you a detailed report of all the links that are pointing to your website from other website. it includes which domain and pages links to your website

Ranking factor in SEO

In search engine optimization ranking define as what your content position on search engine result pages. and Digital Pragati is the best to provide SEO Services in Jaipur in terms of ranking websites on search engine we have a great search engine optimization team with great experience


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