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Keywords Research



Hello everyone today we are going to discuss about Keywords Research. In this blog we will discuss deeply about what are keywords types of keywords and what is the use of keywords for search engine optimization of your website.

what are keywords?

keywords are some specifics words which we can type on search engine like google and Bing when looking for product services and general information for example if someone wants to find best restaurant might they write find best restaurant into search engine. find best restaurant is the keyword in this case.

Types of keywords

Short tail keywords= short tail keywords used for general queries

Long tail keywords= long tail keywords used for more specific queries deep queries

navigational keywords= navigational keywords are usedĀ  when users wants to find the specific brand website or location fixed directional for ex= apple phone buy amazon

Lateral Semantic Indexing (LSI)= LSI keywords are undefine not clear keywords for ex= apple phone or fruits

Use of keywords research for search engine optimization

SEO is an organic method to improve and increase your website visibility on search engine result pages and keywords plays a central role in SEO. here is the reason how


Content creation

You need to understand why keywords research is important when you create content or blog posts You need to use relevant keywords it helps search engines to understand what is your content or blog about and rank it accordingly

On page SEO

we do on page SEO for optimization of individual pages. it includes placing right keywords of your page in specific part of your content. On page SEO also includes keyword density if your blog is about five hundreds words than you need to place one percent of your keyword inĀ  five hundred words in specific part of your content. and the title of your web page must be in keyword.

keyword research

before you can use keywords for your web page you can do properly keywords research so that google can easily find your keyword and show your website on search engine result page on top.

some of the best keywords research tools are

Google keyword planner = google keyword planner is a google tools which anyone can use it for free provided by google ads for research of keywords

SEMrush= SEMrush is a SEO tool it is a paid tool and it offers you to keyword research and helps to analyzing domain overview, site audit and more it is widely used by digital marketers

ahrefs= ahrefs is also a very powerful SEO tool it is mainly used for backlink analysis and also for keyword research.










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